Financial planning made easy


Strategic Financial Plans


We’ve created a unique online platform to create your after-tax, long term financial plan by answering a few questions about your priorities, income and monthly payments.

Our platform is based on the books and research of York University finance professor Dr. Moshe A. Milevsky.  
He is a leading authority on the intersection of wealth management, financial management and insurance.

Our Money Coaches can take you through your plan and answer any questions. It’s easier than you think! Watch our Explainer video and sign up below.



Income Replacement Insurance for Your Family’s Well-Being

Introducing IR65

If something happened to your home, like a fire- your insurance would cover that loss, help you rebuild, keeping your home’s financial value intact.

IR65 Products Against and Untimely Death

What if something happened to your family income due to an unexpected death of a breadwinner? You would want to ensure your financial plan and your priorities stays on track for the continuance of your life, just as if they were still alive. Plus you’d want debts and expenses paid to sustain your family’s lifestyle.

WealthyPlanet developed IR65, as a unique solution to ensure the risk of interruption to your long term financial plan does not derail your family’s life-goals and timing.

How it works

IR65 calculates your monthly income, to see what the family would be missing if you passed away and replaces this income to age 65 in a tax efficient manner.

IR65- Benefits


You and your family can rest assured that IR65 completely replaces the income of the insured till age 65


Your priorities such as- debt, retirement, and education, are not pushed to the side and are still getting covered as if you were alive


Not subject to market fluctuations — premiums stay the same, no renewal fees, no medical tests, low premiums: if you get in early, you are insured ...




Math That Makes Sense

As a company, We believe in the science of financial planning, and educating Canadians on Math That Makes Sense when it comes to their financial portfolio. We champion the variable rate mortgage, proven by financial expert, Dr. Milevski. As proven and peer reviewed: variable rate mortgages have beat out fixed term nearly every single time in the last 50 years. As a consumer, you’ll be able to save hundreds of thousands of dollars on interest rates  in your wealth rsp/ TFSA. Our strategic financial planning engine is live, and monitors changes in the market, so you as a client never have to worry moving forward.

“For most people, your mortgage is going to be the largest financial play of your lifetime, both as handling it as a debt and an asset. At WealthyPlanet we treat your home as a tool within a strategic financial plan.” -John Podlewski

Mortgages to Feel Good About


With housing costs rising and properties becoming a lifetime investment, you need to get the most out of your home and keep more money in your pocket.


As interest rates increase, so do mortgage payments. Our mortgage partners are here to ensure you get the best rates possible on the market so that ...


While variable mortgages on average save $20,000 per $100,000 over the course of your mortgage, those with tighter cash flows may not feel ...




Investing In Your Future

WealthyPlanet takes a mathematically sound approach to investments. Many ETF (exchange traded fund) portfolios have outperformed most mutual funds performance in the past several years even before deducting fees. The management expense ratios are also lower, resulting in lower costs paid by the investor and greater return on investment. This means that the majority of your investment isn’t paying our commission: It’s paying for your children's education. 

Some other benefits include convenience, transparency, low transaction costs and tax efficiency. It is an investment that can be viewed as a basket of hundreds, even thousands, of individual stocks or bonds. In short, we’re not working for your money- We’re helping you find ways your money can work for you.

Financial plans involve more than just a budget and saving; they require the ability to do more with what you have. With increasing costs, stagnant wages and changing needs, you can build wealth to support your future.


With over 40 years of combined industry experience, the partners at Celernus take an active management approach by investing funds in real estate and ...


With our partner Celernus, WealthyPlanet makes the most of your money with funds that provide more than just the basics. With low management fees, ...

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As part of your financial plan, your money coach will show you the best ways to invest to ensure your priorities are met as well as suitable ...