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Financial planning made easy

Solve Life's Financial Puzzle with WealthyPlanet for Free

Make a big impact on Financial priorities

WealthyPlanet takes the uncertainty out of financial planning for everyday people.  Assess your strategic financial plan − including investments, mortgage, debt, insurance, and taxes.

View and optimize your plan over a future timeline and make a huge difference to saving for priorities.

Understand the cost of debt

See the short-term and long-term cost of your debt.

Save tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary interest payments.

A Proper Plan YOU CONTROL, with a money coach to help

Professional financial planning is usually done for the wealthy or those willing to pay for it.  Now anyone can have a proper, comprehensive financial plan.  Includes powerful built-in algorithms and after-tax calculations for the best accuracy.

Our non-commission Money Coaches enable your financial education and self-reliance.  We also offer low-fee products so you can save money while reaching goals faster.

How it works

Watch our explainer video

Step 1

Answer 30 to 40 adaptive questions, less than ten seconds each

Step 2

Book an online appointment with a Money Coach, evaluate your current plan

Step 3

Implement your optimized plan and start saving for priorities

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About Us

WealthyPlanet is re-engineering financial services, so anyone can plan an uncompromising path to their best life. We make it easy for everyday people to eliminate debt, build wealth, and plan smart.

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