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Robyn Green of Movies for Mommies and John Podlewski of WealthyPlanet discuss Mom's Money Questions


Recreation and Leisure Spending

    1. How can you make post-Covid recreation and leisure purchases and have the least impact your long term financial plan?


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Home Buying

    1. What should young families consider when buying a home right now?


    1. What advice to you have for first time home buyers regarding mortgages?


Tax Preparation

    1. Should you do your own taxes or seek help from tax professionals? 
    2. What is the best use of any extra money? 


 Planning for Tax Time

    1. What should you be thinking about as the year-end approaches?
    2. What steps should you take for tax time regarding RRSP, TFSA, or Debt?


Allocating COVID Savings

    1. What should you do with the extra money saved during Covid?
    2. Can you use that extra money to impact long-term goals?

 Financial Planning


    1. How do you define a "proper" financial plan?
    2. What are some of the biggest mistakes young parents make?
    3. Why is it so important to manage your debt?



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